Do I need to buy a saxophone to have lessons? 

No. You can rent a saxophone from the Hogan Music shop. 


How much are lessons? 

Lessons are £50 per hour in Newbury / £30 an hour in Hungerford

The reason for the price difference is due to my large rental overheads in the Newbury location. 

30 minute taster lesson is FREE

Can you advise me on which saxophone to buy? 

Yes. When you are ready to purchase your own saxophone then I can give you the best advice of where to buy your saxophone and the most suitable make and model for your budget. 

Where do you teach from? 

I teach from the Hogan Music shop in Newbury town centre and also in Hungerford. 

How many lessons will I need? 

If you are a beginner then you will need a 1 hour lesson a week. If you are experienced in playing other musical instruments or can read music then 2 -3 lessons a month will be fine.  

I have got no experience of learning a musical instrument, can I still learn?

Yes! I have taught many complete beginners with great success. Learning the saxophone is a great way of challenging yourself, improving your memory and meeting new people through the local jazz community. 

Can I just have 1 lesson to see if I like it? 

Yes and better than that, I offer a FREE 30 minute taster lesson so you can try out a saxophone and get all your questions answered. 

Can I have a joint lesson with my husband/ friend etc? 

No. Lessons are taught on an individual basis because everyone learns at a different rate and has different strengths and weaknesses that we need to address. 

I can't read music, can I still learn? 

Yes. I will teach you how to read music and you will pick it up in a matter of months. 


Do you teach adults? 

Yes. Any age is welcome. 

Do you teach children? 

I teach children from the age of 12 . If your child is too small to learn on a full sized saxophone then he / she can begin learning on an instrument called the xaphoon. 

Who designed your amazing website? 

My wonderful wife, Clair. She is a designer and can help you out with all your website needs, including creating an online shop or taking online payments.