Lessons are always tailored to your needs. I have taught the saxophone at all levels, from absolute beginners who can’t read a note of music and have never picked up the instrument before, to regular players who need to improve their musicianship or a particular aspect of their playing. I teach adults and children 12+. If your child is too small play a saxophone then they can start their saxophone journey with a smaller, simpler instrument called a xaphoon.


The emphasis is always on the student and what they want to learn. You might want to play in a band, go through the grades, or perhaps just master the basics and play some simple tunes in your living room. Whatever your aspirations, I passionately believe that learning to play a musical instrument is an enriching experience: nothing beats the feeling you get when you help someone discover the joy of making music themselves.


The lessons themselves are an hour in duration and take place at the Hogan Music School, in the centre of Newbury. If you are unsure you can book a free 20 minute taster lesson, where you can pick up a saxophone and give it a blow to see if you like it. Hogan Music also offers an instrument rental scheme, or alternatively I can help and advise you on buying your first sax.